Over the past 30 years we have established the reputation of being the source for buyers to find their prospective company for sale.  We have consistently had the largest selection of businesses available for sale in the mountain regions of Colorado.


We pride ourselves in our expertise in usual & customary procedures.  Don’t worry, there will not be any surprises.  We screen our sellers to make sure we are bringing to marketplace the best available companies for sale in the area.  Our business is to provide you “full disclosure”.  The transactions Business World Brokers represent, succeed.  Our deals do not see the average rescind rate of business sales across the nation.  We pride ourselves with our excellent historical success rate.


Our geographic area affords us a comprehensive price range of businesses for sale.  Businesses being offered for sale will be priced at a low point of $100,000 to a larger company with net profits of $5,000,000 to $20,000,000.


We offer developed Buyers the option of Buyer Agency.  We are pleased to represent qualified Buyers in the search of the Company they are interested in acquiring.   Through our 30 years of relationships with business owners, accountants, attorneys, and other professionals, this keeps us connected with the confidential nature of business transactions.


We will work with both parties of the transaction from initial contact to closing.  Our expertise will benefit all parties in negotiating, deal structure, financing,  & closing.


Rest assured we will provide you with respectfulness and integrity.  We hear over and over that Business World Brokers is the best brokerage firm buyers, investors, private equity groups and equity investors have dealt with.  We will be prompt to answer your questions. All communications will be exact and no games will be played.  You will be happy you have worked with Business World Brokers, as our customers have been told us this over and over again.