fishing-lakeMany business owners who want to sell struggle with the idea of advertising that their business is “For Sale.”  Our offering “For Sale” is developed in a manner to keep the business offering confidential.  It is crucial to keep the business healthy during the process of locating a buyer.  Confidentiality is our utmost concern in marketing a company for sale.

We have developed relationships with buyers, investors, private equity groups and equity investors interested in buying or investing in your company.  We will reach out to these potential candidates after we have organized a prospectus on your company and have all the answers to their questions organized.  The representative at Business World Brokers will handle all the communication, negotiations and deal structuring for your sale.  We represent you!

If you would like to learn more about some of our buyers, please contact us and we can provide you an overview and see if it makes sense to make an introduction. All conversations will be held in the strictest of confidence.


Since 1979, the marketing plan of Business World Brokers has evolved into the most effective strategy available for locating qualified buyers of companies. In combining our proven approach with a client specific campaign, maximum exposure of an offering is accomplished. At the same time all of our advertising is conducted in a manner, which absolutely maintains confidentiality.

Confidentiality and Pre qualification

Our firm regards confidentiality as being very important, and treats it as seriously as the banking, accounting or legal professions. A breach of confidentiality could mean the loss of key employees, issues with competition, and adverse misconceptions of current and potential customers–all of which could lead to a negative impact on the sale of the company.

Business World Brokers considers this issue on a client-by-client basis, and locates potential buyers in a way that will generate interest without giving a potential buyer an opportunity to even speculate what the offering might be. Interested buyers are then pre qualified for background, experience and financial capability and a personal financial statement or balance sheet is requested. Finally prospects are required to sign a nondisclosure/confidentiality agreement in order to proceed.

The Business World Broker Databases

Throughout our history we have maintained a number of databases, containing thousands of potential buyers and networking resources that can easily be searched and cross-referenced. These files included individual buyers, strategic acquirers, investment banking and buying groups, other business brokers, accountants, attorneys, bankers, and Realtors. Detailed notes and history can be referenced on all of these prospective interests.

Networking With Other Professionals

We believe in establishing working relationships with as many centers of influence as possible. Of the contacts mentioned above, one of the most important benefits to our clients is the interaction between us and other business brokers nationally and internationally.

We have been members of the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) since 1990, and members of the Colorado Association of Business Intermediaries (CABI) since its inception. In addition to providing professional standards and continuing education opportunities, these organizations are an invaluable resource of national and international affiliates (within the IBBA there are over 600 members). We have accomplished transactions in the past through cooperating with other business intermediaries in the sharing of fees, and will continue to do so in the future. The end result to our clients is the benefit of not just our firm, but also hundreds of firms and thousands of professional business brokers.

Print Advertising

Business World Brokers places advertising in numerous local, regional, national, and international publications. Examples of newspapers include the Denver Post, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and LA Times as well as dozens of Colorado news publications.

In the realm of periodicals we utilize merger and acquisition publications such as the Riggs and Allen Report and the M&A Resource. Our firm is placed in a number of chamber of commerce publications. We research all marketing possibilities in industry trade journals for our respective clients. As well, we have had clients’ companies published in the “American Dream” feature article of Inc. Magazine.

Internet Marketing

Robert Minor was among the first in our industry to put the Internet to use, placing marketing and joining business chat rooms when the World Wide Web was still in its infancy. Business World Brokers was one of the first members of, a Wall Street Journal affiliated web site for business sales. Today we constantly maintain an aggressive approach to finding all available sources available through the internet as well as drive buyers and sellers to our page. While many of our peers viewed the Internet as a threat, we’ve embraced it from the start with outstanding results.

Our home page serves well to advertise our offerings, as well as a resource to present our firm. We have received may compliments on its structure and exposure within search engines. Above and beyond our home page, hundreds of other Internet services are investigated and utilized. These range from general business for sale sites to services that specialize in selling companies in specific industries.

We maintain state of the art technology to not only find buyers, but also to communicate with them and provide information in a fast and effective manner. Communication with professional advisors and lenders also takes place online when appropriate.

Direct Marketing

As part of a client tailored plan we research all potential strategic acquirers and contact them via mail and phone. We can obtain the entire mailing list of a trade association and market directly to companies and individuals within any given industry. This of course is executed under the auspices of confidentiality.

Listening to Our Clients

We encourage and welcome feedback from our clients regarding marketing or any other aspect of selling your company. We appreciate suggestions and will implement them when prudent. After all, we are the experts in selling companies, but you are the expert regarding your own company. We realize that we can only benefit from taking both the good with the bad in listening to our customers’ needs, concerns, and constructive criticism.

The Utmost in Professionalism

In conclusion, the most effective marketing plan is useless without the people to back it up. Our brokers and associates pride themselves in conducting themselves in the spirit of professionalism, knowledge and respect. It is never forgotten that you have chosen our firm to represent you in achieving an exceptionally important goal.

Our efforts have not gone unnoticed, as we consistently receive compliments from sellers, buyers and professional advisors. Our best source of new business has always been referrals from satisfied customers. Whether it means a meeting at a moments notice or providing a piece of information that brings it all together; we strive to provide the best service available.