Business World Brokers, Inc. was created to advise, represent and negotiate for Sellers or Buyers the transfer of their business. As we are fully licensed under Colorado Real Estate Law, our services may also include the sale of any related real estate. Our experienced team gives us unique expertise and insight into the opportunity of either selling or acquiring your business. We strive to take the guesswork out of what a business is worth; therefore, our methodology for determining the value is of great importance to the buyer and seller.



  • Large selection of businesses available for sale.
  • Expertise in usual & customary procedures.
  • Comprehensive price range of businesses for sale.
  • Buyer agency.
  • Nationwide searches.
  • Negotiations & closing.
  • Integrity, reputable, honest and straight forward.



  • Evaluation of your company.
  • 30 years historical sales data from Business World Brokers sales transactions.
  • Executive review and profile development.
  • Professionally package the company for review by buyers.
  • Exercise confidentiality and qualify buyers.
  • Deal structuring.
  • Negotiations, financing,  & closing.
  • Honesty, integrity, full disclosure and Seller representation.